Things I like in Kotohira ... Recommended Kotohira spot of Kotohira townspeople Robert


I never get tired of the comforting bell chimes at 6PM that chime throughout the town every night from the Town Hall.


My first view of Kotohira was when I exited Kotoden station and saw the lantern lit river and bridges with the Torri gate in the foreground and hotel lights in the background. It was so beautiful !!


Walking along Sando and Shine-cho street and checking the small souvenir shops selling wood carvings, nuts, fruits and beans.


Song from Kamado (sweets shop) is cute and lively.


Climbing Kompira-san stairs and stopping for ginger tea on the benches and the amazing view of Kotohira from that spot.


Bustling people praying atop Kompira-san at New Years and getting a lucky charm to read the year’s future.


Desending Kompira-san in the forest area where its so quiet and without other people.


Bike riding all the narrow streets and pathways throughout the town and seeing all the unique design of houses and gardens.


Seeing the old trains glide along the tracks in and out of town with Kompira-san in the background and the sound of the railway crossing signal. Ding ding ding ding.


ZouZU cafe in the summer time where friends gather to play guitar and sing while children run and play in front of the cafe. Cold beer and spicy fried chicken ... yummy!

( By the way, I am the chef on only Sunday at Zouzu. If you are missing the western food, please come here for a cheeseburger, salmon burgers, and pizza!)


The fresh clean air and occasional smell of burning crop husks in autumn time.


The Sayabashi bridge and nearby park that has an old pine tree that bends over nearly parallel to the ground and the pine cones and branches are scattered after a windy day on the ground.


Watching the carp splash around and turtles sunbathing on rocks in the river.


Friendly faces that always smile and say Ohayo gozaimasu. Konnichiwa, kombanwa.


Sunflower fields in September


Eating udon at various places. I really liked curry udon at ”Musashi” near Marunaka supermarket and Meat Udon at "Iwanoya" .


Various festivals throught the year with Kabuki, dance, music and performances on the street and especially the "Kenka Chosa" festival when mikoshi crash together in battle.


Riding my bicycle through the Shoten gai with many interesting sights and smells from the shops and restaurants and local owners busy going about their work.